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How does a Steam Eye Massager work?

Steam Eye Massager is a care product that can relieve eye fatigue, promote eye blood circulation, and reduce dark circles and eye bags. It usually uses advanced steam technology to provide a comfortable heat compress to the eyes by generating fine steam inside the eye mask.
The working principle of the Steam Eye Massager is to use the properties of steam to release hot steam into the interior of the eye mask to relax and soothe the eyes. The temperature and humidity of steam can promote blood circulation in the eyes, accelerate metabolism, and relieve eye fatigue and tension. At the same time, steam can also keep the eye skin moist and reduce the appearance of dark circles and eye bags.
When using the Steam Eye Massager, you can place it on your eyes, adjust it to the appropriate tightness, and then enjoy 10-20 minutes of hot compress care. You can listen to some soft music or meditate during the heat compress to further relax your body and mind. After the hot compress, you can take off your eye mask and gently massage the skin around your eyes with your fingertips to promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
It should be noted that when using Steam Eye Massager, be sure to use it correctly in accordance with the product instructions to avoid adverse reactions such as burns and allergies. At the same time, if you have eye diseases or are taking certain medications, please seek advice from your doctor or pharmacist before use.